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Job Description

Looking for self-motivated people who are interested in being part of a retail pottery painting team. Part-time opportunities available for those who are comfortable in a fast-paced environment, who enjoy engaging with customers, offering tips and recommendations on the painting technique, can take direction and learn quickly, and who work well with others. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Opening tasks:

    • filling/cleaning baskets

    • dispersing baskets and waters across tables

    • counting drawer

  • Closing tasks:

    • general cleaning

      • sweeping/mopping

      • wiping down bathroom

      • taking out trash

      • wiping tables and chairs

    • cleaning used paintbrushes and tools

    • counting drawer

  • Day-to-day

    • unloading kiln, scratching stilt marks, matching pieces to cards, and texting customers

    • stocking shelves with inventory

    • organizing shelves (including finished and unfinished pieces)

    • checking out customers (asking for info, offering help with writing names/dates, and offering rewards)

  • describing finished pieces

  • on busy days: managing a waitlist and calling customers

  • resetting tables after customers leave

  • greeting customers and giving instructions


  • Qualities that make a good candidate:

    • takes initiative without being asked

    • patient

    • personable

    • artistic

    • detail-oriented

    • comfortable with fast-paced environment

    • willing to ask for help

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